My Story

When I graduated from Texas Tech, I was fortunate to find a job as General Counsel for a mortgage lender. I noticed delays in closings when minor curative issues arose and title companies, already too busy, turned their attention to the clean ready to close transactions. Seeing this as an opportunity to cure this problem for my client by improving the title company processes, I started a little title operation on the side to assist my mortgage lender. The side gig developed rapidly and over the next few months, with a little encouragement from my employer and more courage than I should have had at the time, my full time Fee Attorney title operation ribbon was cut in 1993.

From that modest little side street shop to our current location on US Highway 380 in Denton, I have maintained my dedication to the fundamental C’s—courage, consistency, compassion, communication, community and creativity. Proud to call Denton County home since 1997, our county fosters those fundamental C’s in each of the small business that weave the colorful fabric of our unique community.

Our team can close any type of transaction, from the simple lot and block to a complex commercial conveyance with businesses, tenant, inventories and 1031s. We excel in creative solutions and particularly appreciate the opportunity to clean up estates delaying closings. Our team dedication to the fundamental C’s coupled with our collective expertise of over 100 years in the title industry, makes us exceptional in getting transactions to the table faster. Turn to our team for your toughest transactions!


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